Day 17: Rorschach tights

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress;
  • a yellow dress underneath as some sort of full body petticoat;
  • genuinely Exciting Tights.
Let’s talk about my legs. They have prompted great debate in both the office and home, and possibly on the street. People were brazenly staring at my legs, not even flinching when they found me staring straight back. If I thought people struggled with the humbug tights, these were on a whole new level.
I call them the Rorschach Tights. Everyone sees something new in them; I’ve had mathematical symbols, stop-pause-play buttons, enthusiastic shin-pads, and the pattern itself is called Tower Block. I really like, possibly love them. From the back they’re very plain, but then you get to the front and it’s a vertiable visual feast. They’re designed by Patternity, realised by Pretty Polly. (Individual legs in high-quality nylon.)

Patternity ‘see pattern everywhere’ according to their website, and I can’t tell you how much this appeals to me. As someone who inhabits a very numerical world, I spot patterns everywhere, and now I can finally clothe my legs in them. I think today was possibly my favourite outfit of the month so far. My legs kept taking me by surprise though; I’d forget what I was wearing and look down, startling myself with the really Quite Exciting Tights. They do another pair, these ones, but I don’t think I can justify that much money on something so…transient. I ladder easily.

I’ve just realised I’m getting flustered over hosiery. I suppose that’s what ODOM does to a girl.

I don’t have that much news, I’m afraid. Today I went to work, and then I went to Pilates. What a thrilling life I do lead. So to make up for the lack of news, I made a gif (my first ever) of me explaining how the airlock would work on a Martian Base:

I talk with my hands. A lot.

I’ve been thinking about the fundraising total. Today we passed the £300 mark (hooray!) and this is totally wonderful and splendid. But I was looking on the Womankind website, and £500 could pay for woman who has experienced violence to stay in the only safe house in Ethiopia for two months, providing her with intensive support, counselling and training, helping her regain control of her life. 

You’ve all been so wonderfully generous so far (only just over halfway through the month, too) so do you think I can raise the target? I’m asking because I’ll need your help with that one. 

£500 could completely turn a woman’s life around, could empower her, could give her the support she needs, could give her hope for the future. I think that’s a very small amount of money to pay for giving a woman her life back. or ODOM50 £4 to 70070


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