Day 15: Caitlin Day


Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress;
  • a long-sleeved white t-shirt because my wee arms get chilly;
  • a floaty skirt that is shiny like a mermaid’s tail and flies away in the wind, unlike a mermaid’s tail. I assume; I don’t actually know any mermaids to ask them what their tails do in the wind.
I have to admit, I had my misgivings about today’s outfit. I kept worrying someone would tap me on the shoulder and say “excuse me, miss, but why are you dressed as a mermaid?” No-one did, as it happens, and a shop assistant actually complimented me on the mermaid skirt. Maybe I was worrying for nothing. It’s got one of those trendy hi-low hems that I’ve steadfastly ignored (is that trend over now?), but not now. Hey, it’s One Dress One Month; I’ll wear anything once.
Today has been Caitlin Day and I’ve found it really hard. I nearly died on the 16th of March 2011 and every year around the time, I try to do something to celebrate life and living it. I’m usually with ma pals but they’re in Scotland/Ghana/Berkshire/Australia/London and I can’t really afford the bus fare. I’m also spending tomorrow in Sheffield at that really big swimming pool they have, so this year today was my day to myself.
So first: chocolate cake for breakfast. And mid-afternoon snack. And possibly pudding now. I well love cake.
Then I went for a manicure.
I’ve only had 2 manicures before in my life, a result of years of waitressing (no nail polish for catering assistants) and because they’re really bloody decadent. And annoying. You have to sit there and you can’t use your hands, and you want to push your fringe out of your eyes but you can’t, and you have a cup of tea,  but it’s tantalisingly out of reach like a modern day Greek myth. And then you just think “Oh, blow it” and end up with expensive smudges on your fingers.
So I had a manicure. It’s red- red is powerful in my book. Colour of fire- and currently unchipped. It was quite nice having my hands massaged but the lady kept calling me Emily. Even when I said my name was Caitlin. Puzzling. It made the whole experience a little bit weird. Do I look like an Emily? Should I be an Emily?
To be honest, that was as far as I got with Caitlin Day. We had lunch at Wagamama, which was nice. I think if I only drank their Super Green juice for the rest of my life, I’d die happy. Bloated, but happy.
I’m so so happy that we’re inching towards that target. 71% the page tells me. Actually, it’s more like galloping, but there’s just a little way to go. Womankind do such a brilliant job, and they work so hard. If you have a look at their Twitter feed, it’s really remarkable just how many pies their fingers are in.
Please please go to and help them out. Or text ODOM50 £2 to 70070.
Here’s a last picture of me on the phone to my mum:
I’ve been trying really hard to appreciate the world, like how nice and warm my slippers are, or the blossom on the trees in Rowntree Park, but I feel really overwhelmingly sad. I think I’m going to finish there and head to bed early with a book and some peppermint tea. And chocolate cake.
Night all.

One thought on “Day 15: Caitlin Day

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  1. Don't be sad ma chèrie! It sounds like a busy but interesting day. I'm rubbish and forgot to text you today, I blame the hangover and also my appalling short term memory. Those two things rarely combine well. You're doing spiffingly with ODOM, I'd have pulled my hair out by now! Also, pretty chuffed to (presumably) be the Berkshire friend on your famous blog! 😉 enjoy all the cherry blossom babe. xxxxxx


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