Day 13: I would walk 500 miles

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress;
  • Tartan skirt that is from Topshop and I bet zillions of women have;
  • Bangle from the Gambia that I’ve had for years and I still can’t work out what it’s made from. Probably resin. Hopefully not bone.
Sometimes I miss Scotland terribly. When that happens, I tackle the problem head-on by wearing my tartan skirt; I call this ‘proactive dressing’. I dress for my problems.
In all seriousness, I do miss Scotland today. It was the Today programme on Radio 4 that set me off. They had a feature about this new register of medical records that’s been proposed. In England, it properly set the Daily Mail off- you could practically hear the incensed typing of their ‘journalists’ and smell the indignant sweat on their brows- but it was a different story in Scotland.
The Scots had the nouse to realise that this is actually a rather sensible idea, and not some desperate Big Brother Westminster power-hungry scheme. The Scots realised that sharing of medical information could well benefit the population through enhanced diagnostic ability, would save money, time and more importantly, patients’ lives in the long run. The Today programme took to the streets of Glasgow and I sat at my desk with my morning cuppa and listened while the Scots Talked Sense. It was beautiful. Of course, I am Yorkshire born and (mostly) bred, and Yorkshire is the land of common sense, but sometimes, there’s nowt like a Weegie.
The skirt is obviously not a real tartan but it’ll do. I don’t actually know where it came from. I’ve been trying really hard to remember, but I just can’t. I know I went into Topshop with my mother before Christmas to show her it, and I know they didn’t have my size. I definitely wouldn’t have ordered it from the website- I had an attack of the Yorkshires: “You want ‘ow much fer postage?! Eee, you must think I’m soft in’t head!”- so I’m lost as to how it ended up in my clothes drawer. Maybe I stole it, in which case I’m really very sorry but you can’t have it back. It’s stretchy and I love stretchy clothes.
The bracelet I’ve had a long time. My brother N brought it back from the Gambia for me a fair few years ago and I love it because it’s small and it doesn’t fall over my tiny wee hands. I’ve got no idea what it’s made from and I don’t want to know. It does look lovely if you hold it up to the light, though.
It’s day 13 of the Dress, and we’ve reached £262. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me- my original target was £200- but there is still a mere £138 to raise. If you could donate just a little bit more, that would be amazing. Or just share the blog to as many people as you can and get them to donate.
You’ll need this address:
We don’t live in an equal world. Globally, women make up just 17% of parliamentarians for a population that is roughly 50% female. I find that staggering. But Womankind are working to change this, so the people that are making the decisions for us accurately reflect the population. Your money will go towards training and supporting women leaders, activists and groups, towards changing attitudes and transforming social norms, and towards securing change in laws, policies and practices. A huge task, I think you’ll agree, which is why every penny counts.
Remember: or ODOM50 £2 to 70070.
I’m sitting on my bed, in my tartan pyjamas, eating haggis crisps (vegetarian friendly, I checked). I’m off to eat some proper food.

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