Day 12: a herd of analysts

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress;
  • black skirt that is really quite old but I love and won’t admit that it’s fading fast;
  • ‘berry’ tights that I thought were really cool and individual till I saw a woman wearing the exact same pair;
  • my glasses because I’m really tired and my eyes work even less when I’m tired;
  • a sparkly jewelled hair clip that you can’t see because it’s on the back of my head. Obviously I’m not going to wear it on my fringe.
I attended a gather of analysts today and it was just as cool as it sounds. What do you call a group of analysts? A gaggle? A swarm? A herd? Anyway, I spent quite a lot of time with my knowledgeable face on while analysts bandied about phrases such as ‘dynamic custom SQL’ and ‘high performance Big Data integration’. Did you know that Big Data is a collective term for large and complex data sets*? I know, I thought it meant numbers in 20pt font. My blog is informative and stylish. Actually, it was a pretty interesting day. I really like infographics- they’re graphic representations of information, knowledge or data (thanks, Wikipedia)- and this is one of my favourites:
Click to have a look at the proper thing!
Back to the clothes.
Today was Black+. I wanted to be smart- not sure why, analysts apparently wear jeans to work- so I thought I’d better wear black. And not tell anyone that I’d been wearing this dress for 12 days now. I did, however, add some extra bits:
It came from the ASOS sale, and is cheap and cheerful, but who really cares? It’s also pretty really heavy and my scalp is a little tender. I can’t take it out, though, because it’s sort of firmly attached to my head…
I also wore berry coloured tights, that I thought were really individual until I saw a woman wearing the exact same shade of tights. That’s what I get for trying to be cool and exciting. I do, however, have some really exciting tights coming up in the next few days that I am quietly confident no-one else will be wearing.
I’m also wearing my glasses because my eyes are really tired and sore. I’m short-sighted and my computer-intensive job is pretty tough on my poor wee eyeballs. I’m pretty tired of these frames- I’ve had them for nearly 2 years now and I tire of things quickly- but have you seen how much glasses cost? The lenses alone set me back £107 last time I went to the opticians. The trials and tribulations of dodgy eyes, eh?
My artistic director** took the pictures today. We were in the alley behind the house with dog when dog got a bit shouty at another dog. We reacted by not doing anything and taking more pictures

World Health Organisation studies in Rwanda, Tanzania and South Africa show that women who have experienced violence are three times more likely to be at risk from HIV infection. HIV is officially classed as a global pandemic by the WHO, and while medical research is moving at a fantastic pace, it’s not fast enough. 

It seems to me that the key is to tackle the root problem. If we work on stopping violence against women, we’ll slow HIV down at least a little. Every bit of money we raise will help this happen, and we’ve already raised £262. or ODOM50 £2 to 70070

Please, whatever you can spare.


*Wikipedia tells me Big Data is also a band from Rochester, New York. Well I never.
**my sister, M. She tells me what to do.

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