Day 11: florally hacked off

Today I’m wearing:

  • The Dress;
  • a Caitlin’d 80s sundress;
  • Mum’s belt;
  • tights on tights.
Yesterday, the top dress was down to my ankles. I hacked 11 inches off overnight and haphazardly hemmed it back up. My sister was dead impressed this morning when I sauntered (only word for it really) into her room to survey myself in the full length mirror.
The dress came from Sunday’s clothes swap and cost £1. I bought it intending to do summat creative and for a quid, it’s no great loss if you get a bit scissor-happy. But lo! It turned out fine. I like reading those DIY fashion blogs where they merrily chop clothes up and end up looking like they’ve just strolled off the Givenchy catwalk, but I rarely actually do it myself. It’s all well and good if you live in New York or Hong Kong and can get a kilo of last season Chanel for a dollar (of course, I exaggerate) but a mere t-shirt in a York charity shop will set you back best part of a fiver, and that’s a fiver that can be donated to Womankind.
Anyway, I’ve gone and done it now and I’m quite pleased with the result. This is one for the African Adventure holiday packing.
It’s got a sweetheart neckline, lovely wide shoulder straps, buttons all the way down the front, and it’s elasticated int back for those time when you eat a little bit too much. Actually, I’m a little perplexed as to why someone would get rid. Each to their own, I suppose; perhaps the previous owner was scared of the chop. I did have skin coloured tights on this morning, but my stepmother pointed out that I’d look a mite chilly walking to work in the fog, so I changed to my usual doubled up black. I did see a lady wearing skin coloured tights on my way, actually*, and I thought she looked chilly.
I’ve very firmly moved away from Black today. The pattern is so bright, it’s practically springtime in itself:
However, I have a conference-type thing tomorrow, and probably shouldn’t wear hacked-off 80s sundresses. I think that means I’ll be back to black, channelling Chanel and all that. I do fancy doing more vintagey (secondhand) stuff though…
I had a little cry last night because we hit £200! A very kind reader donated that last £20 and made my week. But then today, more donations came in, and now we’re at £231 which is really quite amazingly good. There’s still £169 to go though and every pound counts.
Violence causes more death and disability worldwide amongst women aged 15–44 than war, cancer, malaria and traffic accidents combined. Womankind are right there at the coal face helping to change this horrible statistic, but they need your help. If you could just text ODOM50 £1 to 70070, or go to and donate what you can, you can help turn this around.
I’m off to watch the Great British Sewing Bee now for more hacking inspiration. I think the key is to just practice but it’s just the getting started isn’t it?
*you could tell by the wrinkled nylon on her ankle bone. I sound like a creep now. I don’t usually stare at strange women’s bare legs. Honestly.

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