Day 10: bamboo and pilates

Today I’m wearing;

  • The Dress;
  • a white shirt tunic thing. I dunno, maybe it’s an artist’s smock?
  • leopard print shoes, belt and necklace with big coral diamanté flowers because white shirt tunic things are terribly dull on their own;
  • tights on tights and one of those cheap stretchy H&M tube skirts for added decency.
I’m ‘interacting’ with the bamboo
I did not want to get dressed this morning. I was feeling terribly uninspired, and that made me grumpy. I don’t like being grumpy, and my family definitely don’t like me being grumpy. It’s getting harder to find new outfits, especially since I have limited clothing resources; I have a drawer in a chest of drawers, and 2 hooks on the back of a cupboard. For some strange reason when I left university, I decided I didn’t need most of my 2 wardrobes and chest of drawers, and gave most of my clothes away. I obviously was not thinking straight and regret my actions bitterly.
I’ve just got home from Pilates with Barry at the new Stables Yoga Centre. I have joint hypermobility and often twist things/click things out of place/get tendinitis/end up in physiotherapy/go home limping. It’s all fine and dandy being able to twist in funny ways at parties but I don’t think it’s particularly good for my already delicate joints. I did yoga for yeeeeeaaaars but would often end up sitting things out or gingerly edging home from class. So when the new Stables Centre opened, I thought I’d give Pilates a go. So far, so good. Nothing has gone horribly wrong, and I haven’t had to click my elbows back in since I started. This is definitely a good thing.
Nath took the pictures today in the Peace Garden at YSJ. I didn’t actually know it was there before today; you learn summat new every day, eh? There was lots of bamboo in the garden, and I do like a nice bamboo. When I was about 3 or 4, we lived in Chiang Mai in Thailand, and we had a large bamboo bush (tree?)* in the garden. My dad told my brother C and me that panda bears grew from it, and if we played near the bamboo, a panda could well come out and eat us. Now, I don’t think it is a particularly dangerous plant, especially in the eyes of my father- I’m remembering the time C tried to climb one of the coconut trees and was applauded for courage and daring- so it can’t have been to stop us playing in it. So I can only think that it was to mess with our toddler heads, and it worked. I tell you, if anyone had even growled while we were taking pictures, I would’ve run a mile.
We’ve raised £180! That’s only £20 off halfway! If 20 people text ODOM50 £1 to 70070, then we’ll hit £200 afore midnight. Go on, go on, go ooooooon.
Or you could go to and just donate the £20 straight off. If 20 people gave £20, I’d be a very happy Caitlin indeed.
There are about 780 million people in the world who can’t read. Did you know women make up nearly two thirds of that 780 million people? That’s over 514 million women. Education should be a right for all, not an optional extra. With your help, we can start changing that.
I’ve got to go and mash potatoes for our M’s tea now. I hate mash potato but daren’t tell the family; they already tease me mercilessly for not liking custard. I maintain that it is perfectly normal to not like custard. Disgusting yellow muck.
There have been comments from readers on the lack of terrier in recent days. This is to make up for that:
I love that picture.
*it’s technically a grass, so it’s not a bush or a tree.

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