Day 9: swooshing in the sunshine

Today I’m wearing:
  • The Dress;
  • Mum’s belt as always;
  • Loose blue patterny trousers from H&M that feel like pyjamas and so are wonderful;
  • my emergency Topshop black shoes (emergency because they’ve saved my unsuitable shoe bacon a number of times);
  • Sunglasses (Topshop again) because there was sunlight abound today;
  • Lovely jangly bracelets.
Oh, the sunshine today! Glorious, truly. I generally freckle at the sight of a sunbeam, but I thrive on warmth and vitamin D; I look like I’ve been sprayed with freckle paint in the summer.
It has been a generally brilliant day, actually. I worked on my skirt project this morning- nothing has gone horribly irretrievably wrong so far, but I’ve run out of thread- and then M and I took the dog for a stroll in the sun. This obviously involved stopping for coffee and cake too. Then to a clothes swap in aid of Khwendo Kor with Annabel (and more cake).
I’m wearing my holiday trousers.
They’re loose and comfy, feel more like pyjamas than proper trousers, and I love them. They’re really for my African adventure next month but were just right for the sunshine today. It’s lovely walking around in them, all swooshy round your legs.
I had an armful of bracelets too
The tape measure ones are from Shared Earth, the blue woven one came from Colombia, and that’s my watch. I do like wearing bracelets, but I usually get irritated and get rid after an hour or so. Something about the jangling, or the way they slip over my terribly small hands. I’m not a real jewellery person; I wear my watch all the time, but nowt else really.
So this afternoon, M and I met Annabel at a clothes swap. I LOVE clothes swaps. They work this way: you bring a bag of clothes, pay a little bit of money, take home other clothes. It’s cheap and exciting and genius. This was part of York International Women’s Week, and in aid of Khwendo Kor, a women’s charity working in Pakistan. They were showing documentaries about the charity’s work on a big screen; the work they do in phenomenal, and I strongly suggest you have a gander. The full York IWW programme is here if you’re in the area and fancy doing some good.
 We each came away with a carrier bag of clothes, much of which will be appearing on here in the coming days. M, who was worried she wouldn’t find anything she liked, had to be dragged away.
Oooo, I got recognised! A lady came up to me at the swap and said “excuse me, are you Caitlin of the Dress?” I said, “Why yes, yes I am.” For future reference, I love being recognised so if people could do it more often, that would be great. No autographs though.
We’re still at £145. This is excellent, and thank you to those who’ve donated so far. But there is much more to do, and your spare bit of cash could make all the difference. Please please donate at or text ODOM50 £1 to 70070.
In 2012/13, Womankind helped 22,300 women in Zimbabwe to live free from violence through legal aid, counselling and shelter. With your help, we can help even more women. Every thing we do makes a difference; every woman counts.
PS Hull City are in the FA Cup semi-final for the first time since 1930. They beat Sunderland 3-0. How excellent is that?
PPS I’m making an onion, feta and spinach tart for tea. Did you know if you cook onions really slowly, they’re incredibly delicious? Top veggie tip for you there.

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