Day 6: shredded feet

Today I’m wearing: 

  • The Dress;
  • a black long sleeved t-shirt underneath because I was getting totally fed up with the halfway, can’t-make-its-mind-up sleeves of the Dress;
  • trousers from Gap that are meant to be cropped but aren’t really because my legs are quite short and cropped length is perfect length on me;
  • my Triceratops Designosaur which I love.
I’ve got some new best friends and their name is Savlon Advanced Plasters for Faster Healing. A mouthful, I know.
Two days of wearing new unbroken DMs has left my feet shredded. Hence the bare feet in this picture; I’ve spent most of the day barefoot in the office (lovely thick carpet we have at YSJ) apart from my expedition, teeth firmly gritted, at lunch in DMs to clear Boots out of fabric plasters/blister plasters/wound wash*.
Now to today’s accessory. I proper love my Designosaur:
The ‘arty’ one


It’s made from laser-cut cherry wood, and made by Designosaur, (via I chose a Triceratops (they do a range of dead dinosaur necklaces for all you morbid amateur archaeologists out there) because a) they were vegetarian (like me), b) because their name means ‘3-horned face’ and I feel a bit sorry for them, and c) because they had 3 horns and I like that (sometimes 2 horns just aren’t enough).

Anyway, it’s a lovely necklace, and people tend to notice it first. This is useful when your feet are blistered and bleeding and you can barely walk.

I just can’t keep the dog away from the camera

The trousers are about 6 years old now. I have an accidental Grazia subscription, and they told me that dresses over trousers are now back in fashion- was it 1999 that that last happened?- so I thought that this would be a very good idea to try out. I definitely did not run out of time for getting dressed while backcombing my sister’s hair for her World Book Day costume and throw on whatever came to hand first. My choice was obviously very sartorial and well thought through.

I’m going to be in the York Press tomorrow. I’m a little nervous about this, but obviously excited and hopefully more people will be reading this and then getting to this part: the donating bit.

Thank you so much to those who’ve already donated. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I do this every year and the generosity of people never fails to give me a warm glow. But there’s still a long way to go.

If you could go to and donate whatever you can spare, that would be so brilliant.

If you want to actually see what Womankind have accomplished in the past 25 years, click here and have a look at their anniversary map timeline. It’s truly astonishing how much they’ve achieved, but there’s still so much to change in the world.

You could alternatively text ODOM50 and £1 to 70070 and donate that way.

I’m going to bed. I’ve managed to get this in before midnight and I’m sleepy. I’ve resorted to the tactics of my dissertation period and am listening to Holst’s Planets Suite. I find Mars quite stirring in particular.


PS Buy the York Press tomorrow.

PPS Please donate

*Yes, I am aware that I really should’ve walked to work in trainers, and I really should’ve put a spare pair in my bag because my new shoes were rubbing before I left the house, but I didn’t, so leave me alone in my blistered pain.

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