Day 3: the one with the professional photographer

Today I’m wearing:
  • The Dress;
  • grey tights from M&S with little sparkly bits in them;
  • knackered shoes from Office which I love and I haven’t had that long but are rubbish quality and I’ve already had re-heeled;
  • Peter Pilotto for Target sweater that is sold out now and so makes me cool.


Nathan took the photos today, with Annabel assisting. Isn’t it amazing how much better they look with a professional doing them? Together they are Eager Johnston, a brilliant graphic design agency.
These were taken on the lawn outside York St John University on my lunch break. Lovely view of the minster behind:

The skirt is too short. Too short for work. Unfortunately, I spend most of my time at work, so I’m going to have to get my creative head on to make it less short. The Dress is 100% polyester (classy, I know) which according to Google is the ‘hardest fabric to stretch’. However I will not be defeated; this is just going to be more of a challenge than I thought.

The jumper is Peter Pilotto for Target. I’ve never gone in for the high street-designer collaboration special: not enough money, not enough time, better things to do. I’m a really big fan of Staying In Bed, so if a must-have collection requires me to leave my bed at some unearthly time, stand in the (more than likely) pouring rain, I’m going to miss out. I’ve come to terms with this.

But on the 9th of February, a designer X high-street collaboration was launched that didn’t need me to leave my bed. Hell, I didn’t even get dressed! I’m talking about Peter Pilotto for Target.

Ordinarily, you won’t get much change out of a grand or two if you’re after some Peter Pilotto (the dress on the left is beautiful but a dizzying £975). Yet when you combine that with America’s second largest discount retailer (thanks, Wikipedia), you get bonkers prints at affordable prices. Well, relatively affordable. It’s not still not Primark.

So anyway, this fash collab dropped (I’m so street) on Net-a-Porter on at the beginning of February and is now preeetty much sold out. If you do have Peter Pilotto original money, it’s popping up on eBay here and here. But it does seem daft to pay lots of money for a dress when more stock has been promised…

Anyway, I got the jumper (fleecy inside, super warm) and a skirt, and I’m happy. I also liked buying things from Net-a-Porter which I definitely can’t usually afford. It came in a lovely box with a free tape-measure, and I’m a sucker for a freebie. Actually, I don’t have the tape-measure anymore because my father decided it was the perfect size for measuring his bike and ‘borrowed’ it. I’d take it back but he’s away cycling in the Cape Rouleur. Follow his adventures on Twitter here.

ALSO, exciting news: I’m now a Womankind Future Fund Challenger. The aim is to raise £100,000 to build a fund for the future of women and girls, to support them in their decisions, and to help end violence against them. It’s a huge task, so every minute someone spends raising money, every penny someone donates, counts towards our goal.

Donate here and make a difference: We’ve raised £40 so far, which is totally brilliant and thank you so much you generous people, but we kind of need more.

So please, dig deep.

I’d better dash; I’ve left my watch at Pilates and I feel naked without it.


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