Day 1: totally overwhelming

Today I’m wearing:

  • The Dress;
  • mucky wellies; tights,
  • then tights, then leggings;
  • my University of Glasgow graduate scarf that cunningly doubles as a Hull City scarf.

I feel totally overwhelmed.

I’ve been at the football today (Hull City-Newcastle), and despite thinking myself not particularly engaged with the match to match outcomes- if you lose, you lose- I’m on the bereft side of apathetic. I shall however limit myself to one sentence on the game:
The better team won, because Hull City played shockingly and just wouldn’t engage with the ball, but Alan Pardew is a bloody nutter and I pity you poor Newcastle fans. There was some elegant footwork in there, though. Enough! Enough.

So today was the first day of the Dress! I have to say I’m not used to wearing such a short skirt. I will get used to it, though, and definitely stop moaning.

The day began with me treating my sister M to breakfast at the Pig and Pastry. The wonders of payday, eh? I know that food pictures are really tacky and overdone and awful but hey, I’ve put football in here already. I’m practically haemorrhaging followers.

I have dreams about their Eggs Royale. M stuck with boiled eggs and soldiers. Safe, but tasty.

Then to Hull with my mum, Grandpa and brother N. No more football, so here’s a selection of pictures from the day:

You can see the bump on my nose where I ran into a wall aged 7


I think I’m going to the pub soon, so I’ll take my camera and maybe there’ll be pictures. Maybe there won’t, I make no promises.
I have a JustGiving page!
I’m doing this for Womenkind, who basically try to make the world a better place for women. I’ll be doing a post about their work soon, but in the mean time, just reading and sharing would be fantastic.
Till tomorrow.

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