Legally women

In an ideal world, where would you like to live?

I’m predicting ‘nice tropical beach’ isn’t too far from your thoughts, but I mean actually Live with a capital L. Where could you see yourself Working-Loving-Eating-Paying Taxes-Living? For men, it’s pretty much wherever you want but sadly, stupidly, it’s still a different story for women.

I’m a data analyst- a male dominated profession, actually- and I came across this infographic in the course of my…professional research.

Women’s rights country by country – interactive

Right, so desert island. Tropical climate? Nice blue sea? Jamaica? Well, there are no sexual harassment laws in Jamaica, so if you get felt up by that dodgy bloke at work, you don’t have a legal leg to stand on.

Let’s move continent. You’d expect women to be at a disadvantage in the Middle East, but did you know that in Iran you’re not even a citizen in the eyes of the law? That you’re legally required to obey your husband? And if that husband beats you when you burn his dinner, don’t think the law will help you out.

Even in Britain you’re not completely equal; for example, employers are perfectly within their rights to ask if you’ve got any babies when you go for a job interview. What if you got turned down for your dream job because you had the temerity to start a family?

It has been 96 years since women got the vote in Britain, but we’ve still got some way to go before we’re equal. The gender pay gap in the UK is currently 15% and I for one would love to see that change.

Have a look through the chart; it’s amazing and appalling how unequal the genders are. If you want to read more stats on gender equality (or lack thereof) have a look at the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2013.

When choosing my charity for ODOM this year, I wanted to do something for women. I’m a woman (just about) and I wanted to share the opportunities and good fortune I’ve had with others of my sex. I thought and searched and pondered and searched and came up with Womankind. They’re an international women’s human rights charity who work to make life better and more equal for millions of women.

So this March I’ll be wearing one dress for one month* in the name of women everywhere.


*if I ever find a bloody dress!

PS Mexico looks pretty good, legal-wise. Anyone fancy joining me?
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