I never put my heart into making resolutions. New Year is always a bit half-arsed; I resolve year after year to try and be tidier. It never works. I maintain that my messiness is genetic and I can’t help it and it would be silly to resolve to change the basic make-up of my brain.

My main resolution this year- to remember all birthdays- is going well. 11 days into January and I haven’t missed any family member or friends (I hope.) Granted, there haven’t been any birthdays so far, but I like to think that I would have actively remembered them had there been.
But this didn’t feel like enough. Before Christmas, I was undergoing a period of, if I’m honest, total insecurity, and so the new year felt like an opportunity to re-order my psyche.

Then I saw Caitlin Moran’s new year tweets.


I’ll put the full list at the end. It’s well worth reading, I promise.

Having read those, and in light of my recent personality adjustment, these are my updated guidelines for life in 2014:

1. Quality friends over quantity. Although I could use a few more in York.
2. I will write things down.
3. Vegetables are good for me. Cheese is not a vegetable.
4. Rushing things never ends well. Specifically, cakes.
5. You can always find answers in Bob Dylan or David Bowie.
6. Read more books. Books contain knowledge. Knowledge is power.
7. Remember that grumpiness is not a right.
8. Actively tackle my bike rage. Bus drivers are people too.
9. I will remember all birthdays.

Any more for any more?


PS CatMo is after the jump.

2 thoughts on “Resolutions

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  1. love it!! Good resolutions. I haven't made an official list this year, but after reading yours I might now! Put it in writing, on the fridge, and it then has to exist. Plan. Miss you pal, look forward to seeing some artsy photos soon! 🙂 xxx


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