Ne me quitte pas


Despite best intentions, the blog fell silent after my last post. I had a few camera related issues, which were resolved in November by finding my battery charger. But by that time, I’d lost my spark for blogging and didn’t fancy re-igniting it.

However, the world has turned and I’m logging on again.

This post is about the year ahead, but I won’t start at the beginning. In my experience, things rarely happen in a logical and tidy order, so I’m going to mess a little with the chronology.


I bought a camera.
I have a Canon 100D, and I really like it. It cost money, but I also earn money so that’s kind of not really relevant. I tell myself.
It’s the lightest DSLR, which will be handy because…


I’m going to Ghana and South Africa
For 3 weeks in April. I’m very excited.
I’ve never really been to Africa*, and as I don’t like April in Britain- it’s the cruellest month- it makes sense to fly 6000 miles away from it.
So that half justifies the Canon; I would like my printable memories to be good quality.
I have a multi-journey ticket from Ethiopian Airlines, which my father tells me err on the basic side of long-haul. So I need book recommendations for flights and nights in Addis Ababa airport. No kindles please, I’m a print purist.
This also kind of ties into the other half of Canon justification:


I’m going to do One Dress One Month again. 
So I’d like to take nice pictures and have nice pictures taken of me. 
The plan is to find a charity that works in Ghana or South Africa, raise money for them in March, and then go and see where the money has gone in April. I have a tentative contact at Save the Children, but I am very open to others. 
I don’t know how much money I can raise on my own, but I’ll give it my darndest shot. 


So there you have it. 
I’ve got more to say, but I think I’ll keep this neat and finish about here. There’ll be a post tomorrow about resolution and whatnot (which I have already written). And I’ve got some stuff to say about a Dalek cake. 
PS I’ve been listening to Nina Simone while writing this, and now I feel simultaneously empowered and desperately sad. I feel like I could conquer the world or just lie on the floor and cry my eyes out. I’m a melting pot of emotion.
*I’ve been to Morocco and Djibouti, but it’s not enough

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