The Caped Crusader

Evening readers,

Today I’m wearing: Gap trousers which I rolled up because they are too long and too big (intentionally I suppose); my lovely red charity shop jumper; my cape! From eBay but says Tu on the label; my forever handbag.

I lied. This is what I wore yesterday. I know, I know, but I’m in the final throes of a degree, so my time is not my own. And I also, probably just before this was taken, lost my Very Expensive earphones, which didn’t make me feel like blogging. They fell out of my pocket and I didn’t notice and someone picked them up and kept them. So much for human kindness, eh?

Anyway, clothes.

I’m wearing a cape! I think that this is cool. Hell, capes are always cool. This one was bought off eBay for £4 at the beginning of February with the intention of wearing it for ODOM. Unfortunately, I looked rather like a monk or an old-fashioned nurse when I wear a cape with a dress, so it got sidelined. In fact, the girl I bought it off said she used it for Sherlock Holmes fancy dress. Such a versatile item; it’s smart, it’s casual, it says I can fight crime or I can save lives.

Let’s talk handbag.

I’m not a handbag girl normally; I’m a sucker for something practical, and you can keep your beribboned fripperous monstrosities. This means I’m usually lugging an over-full canvas bag around, simultaneously ruining my posture and my credibility. (The bags I use are battered and well-loved.)

Yet the time came when I needed a handbag. My latest canvas sack was coming apart at the seams, and I was starting to feel like I needed to make a serious commitment to a long-term bag. My life is about to move into a new phase, and my bag use needs to adapt with it. If I’m to grow and change as a person, my handbags need to do so too.

So I went about planning. This meant telling my mother, Jude, that I wanted a handbag for Christmas (you didn’t think I was adult enough to buy my own bag, did you?!) Then I pointed out the ones I wanted.

First there was this one in KaDeWe in Berlin:

Prada Tote, £1250

Then this one on Buchanan Street:

Russell & Bromley, Willow Tote, £225
For some reason, my mother vetoed these.
I tried the Ask A Stylist chat box on ASOS, but they just threw pretty, ornamented things at me. I’m sure for some people they’re perfectly lovely, but ‘cute charms’ and ‘adorable detailing’ simply doesn’t float my boat.
I sent pictures off to Jude, and crossed my fingers.
Christmas morning came. I was ready, so ready, to feign delight if she got it wrong. I practised “Oh Mum! It’s lovely! I adore the lovely bunny rabbit hot pink embossed pattern! Did you keep the receipt?”
But reader, she got it right. My word, she got it right.
This is it:
Fiorelli, Jade Shoulder Bag, I’m not telling you the price because that would ruin Christmas
This bag gets me. It fits everything. Gym kit, 5 A4 Maths notebooks, lightbulbs, everything. And it’s sold out. Best of all, I get compliments on it. Every time I get a compliment I text Jude; I know she loves them too.

It is my forever handbag. Or at least it is until it falls apart. (I love things destructively.) But even then, it will live on as the original, the blueprint for handbags to come.


So there you have it. Me and my handbag.

Don’t get me wrong, I still buy canvas bags, and I will never not buy canvas bags. I’m just committing to a real bag.

Caitlin x

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