New start

Hello readers,

I wore trousers all day today. I know, it’s risqué stuff. No wonder I get so many hits from sex websites.

I haven’t actually missed my dress at all- it’s lying in a crumpled heap on the floor- but I think that in a few days, when I’m running late and can’t decide what to wear, I’ll find my way back to its navy blue charms.

Today has been a lovely day. The skies were blue, the birds sang for a bit and the crocuses are out. I’ll try to take a picture for you. My speechy bit (technical term, that) on Antony and Cleopatra went well, all though I was all jittery and jumpy. I hate presentations. They’re like spoken essays, but you have to know what you think there and then, rather than taking time to work it out.

Our final (ish) total for Women’s Aid was a whopping astonishing dazzling £1749.64! I say ish; every time I check, it goes up. You are all stars and should feel so proud of yourselves. You’ve saved lives.

But I’m not done with fundraising, oh no. My brother Con and I have just registered for the Leeds 10k in July. I’ve never run a 10k before, but I know I have the support of my zombie hordes to get me the distance. We’re running for Macmillan Cancer Support. They help my nan and we want to give something back.

So now my life consists of running and not wearing a dress and watching the seasons change. And finishing this bloody degree.

I was going to take a few days off blogging, but I found that while I could leave the dress in a crumpled heap, I just couldn’t leave my blog with it.

We’ll see what happens,

Caitlin x

PS is still going

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