Good evening readers,

Today I’m wearing: The Dress; a t-shirt underneath to protect my modesty; pale denim skirt acquired from Amy’s clear-out; birdcage necklace; brogues and glasses for that extra hint of practicality.

So that’s it! 28 days of wearing the same dress done. I’m going to own up to a degree of Stockholm Syndrome: I miss it already. In fact, I’m wearing it now, on top of my pyjamas. I’m just not quite ready to let go just yet, y’know? I mean, what am I going to wear tomorrow? Trousers? Shorts? Another dress? The choices are seemingly endless, and I feel overwhelmed by that and the thought of not wearing navy blue. This is a tough time for me, folks, please bear with me.


I found my dinosaur watch! Huzzah!


I thought for the last dress day, I should probably use the quadrangles for pictures. My university looks like Hogwarts.
It has been an eventful month, but it’s done with and has gone very quickly indeed. That’s also my last ODOM with GUSRC (lovely acronyms there) so there’s an added dimension of finality to this.
I was feeling a wee bit sad, so Caitlin said we should bake. We made Rainbow Buns.
They taste really really good. I’m not just saying that. The recipe is here. (I say buns, recipe says cupcakes. I don’t like the word cupcakes, so I’m still going to say buns.)
What I really wanted to say in today’s post is thank you. So I will. To people.
Thank you:
Mum: for the clothes, emailing your ENTIRE OFFICE BUILDING, the donations and being really really wonderfully excited by me having a blog.
Sophie and Maddy: my dear feminists. Thank you for the support and the photographic input, Madz. I’m doing the ‘sticking my bum out’ move in that last picture, see?
Dad: for not knowing what it is I’m doing, but being interested anyway. Oh and saying I can write. That is special.
Conor and Niall: for being dressphobic, and taller than me. And Conor for the food. Cheers, bros.
Ruth: for donating and sharing and retweeting every single post I did. Wow. Thank you.
Enni, Iona, Ruby and Crystal: thank you for commenting!
My photographers: (in chronological order) Caitlin, Linda, Hollie, Gill, Elly, Mum, Kat, Amy D, Amy J: couldn’t have done it without you. Seriously. Selfies are HARD.
Special donators (sorry if I miss anyone!): Linda, Linda’s Granny, drunk Joey, sober Joey, Caitlin (my alter-ego), Ruby;
my Aussie fanbase: Anna,
my crazily extended family: Sally, Maisie & Lili, Mike & Kate, Dianne, Ruth, Mum, Sophie & Madpig, Jont&Simon.
And finally,
The other ODOMers: We raised so much money!
In total we have raised £1584.64
That is over 150% of what we intended to raise, and testament to the love, kindness and support from our families and friends, and the amazing work Glasgow Women’s Aid does. The money we’ve raised will go to help women and children through the most difficult and frightening times in their lives.
Be proud of yourselves.
You can still donate here, though: It’s payday, go on go on go ON.
So that’s ODOM done. Not sure what I’m going to do with the Dress. Probably wash it before I do anything. It’s made of viscose so I probably shouldn’t burn it. Not that I burn  my clothes.
I ain’t done blogging, though. Nope, not me. So please come back. There will be stuff here, I promise.
All my love,
Caitlin x

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