Day 27: blue and green should never be seen

Hiya readers,

Today I’m wearing: The Dress; navy blue woolly tights; brogues; my belt; bottle green shirt from Gap; Zara cardigan that I did buy from a Zara shop, not a market stall or a charity shop. It was in the sale though.

Tomorrow is the last time I shall wear my dress. I am happy about this, although I think I’ll miss it. But my legs are chilly a lot of the time, and this isn’t my favourite thing. I’m already planning what I’ll wear on Friday, and taking great pleasure in my trouser fantasies. Oh, to have clothed legs.

Today has been a day of study; I have a presentation on ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ and ‘All For Love’ on Friday and I’ve been trying to write something witty and erudite all day. Trying being the operative word. Presentations terrify me and I will be so happy when its over. It’s also strangely exciting to think that it will be my last presentation of my (undergraduate) career. The relief will be bliss. I don’t have much to say on the topic of today’s study, except that Cleopatra was a bit of a one, wasn’t she? My gosh!

Today’s outfit was clash-tacular. It doesn’t look too bad, though, and a few people have commented on the shirt. It’s ‘vintage’ Gap (I bought it before first year) and my nan altered it for me. The cardigan was January sale fodder maybe three years ago, and I’ve just noticed that it’s rather holey. This makes me rather forlorn; it’s one of my favourites.


Hollie took these on level 10 of the library. The white walls meant that they’re slight over exposed. You can also see that we attempted the action shot. This had mixed results. I’m going to put the horrific photo at the end. It was taken when I nearly fell into the camera. It’s the ultimate candid photo.
My necklace came from my dear friend Amy when she had a clear-out before moving away from Glasgow.
It’s seed pearls and I’m surprised she wanted to leave it!
So tomorrow is the last day. That means you need to get your donating heads on and head over to We have £1439.64, which is fantastic, but wouldn’t it be amazing if we could reach £1500? Can we do it in just over 24 hours??
Gwan, folks.
Caitlin x
PS I’ve done a small book review below. Have a look if you wish!

You have to donate now, out of sympathy.

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