Day 26: bright bright colours

Hey readers,

Today I’m wearing: The Dress; wool cashmere mix jumper of unknown origin; heavy beaded necklace that I have worn before and I wanted to wear it with the jumper; knee high woolly socks to keep at least part of my legs warm; ma brogues.

Today I have been on an endorphin high. I haven’t been the best at exercising regularly in recent months, and I’ve been feeling increasingly…less fit as a result. But here’s the rub: I hate running. Even when I was at my fittest, I didn’t really like it. I think there must be a part of my brain that is just wired differently to those runner lovers out there. Anyway, I want to run, I want to love to run, so I did what anyone would do in my position: I Googled. I thus came across an app claiming to ‘make running exciting’. This app was called ‘Zombies, Run!

Reader, I have been converted.

I ran for about half an hour (practically unheard of for me) because it was so exciting! This is the scene: you are an army something, being air-lifted into a base in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. But alas! Your helicopter goes down before you reach the base. You are alone, with zombies closing in. What do you do? You run.

Oh my gosh, it was exciting. There I was in Glasgow Uni gym, on a treadmill, running faster and faster as the zombies gained on me; when a zombie girl formally known as Alice made a grab for me, I nearly vaulted off the thing. You also ‘pick up’ items for the base as you go along, so you’ll be jogging along, listening to your music, when a disembodied voice tells you you’ve picked up 2 essential med kits. Hell, I was practically fist-pumping by the end! I actually want to go running again as well; the more you run, the more missions you unlock. Fitness and zombies; what more can you want?!

Today’s outfit was warm, despite the shortness of my skirt. The jumper was yet another charity shop find, from the new British Red Cross shop on Byres Road. It’s new, extra stock from a high-street shop that they’ve donated. The label’s been cut out (this means it’s still on sale in the shop, apparently) but the washing label says it’s wool-cashmere mix. It’s soft, bright red, and cost me £3. I got that bargain buzz.

I was wearing a ring today, too. I’m not much of a ring wearer- small fingers aren’t exactly brilliant with rings- but I like this one!



The elegant Amy took these in the Fraser Building after our Grad Ball committee meeting. She said she reads this every day, so HELLO AMY!
It’s all finished the day after tomorrow. That means you should donate. You’ve definitely got proof we’ve worn these dresses, so surely that’s worth a fiver?
Caitlin x
PS Farmison like my post the other day so much that they’ve put me on their website! Please please have a look here: It’ll get me Brownie Points! xx

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