Day 25: slowly fading out

Evening readers,


Today I’m wearing: The Dress; faded denim dress from Gap; grey woolly tights; classic belt ‘n’ brogues combo; a bangle of unknown material from The Gambia (I’d guess resin); another bangle made of a fork from South Africa.

There is no easy way to say this, so I’m just going to come out and say it: my dress is see-through.

Four weeks of constant wearing and washing has taken its toll on my poor dress, and it is now so faded you can see my underwear. My response to this? Cover it all up! I admit, I was faced with a full day of classes and such like, panicked and hid my dress (and underwear) with this denim shirt dress and woolly tights. But never fear, dear readers, I shall reassess and meet this new, sheer challenge head-on. I hope.

Anyway, today I handed in my assignment! Huzzah! I thought I’d royally messed it up, but it turned out I had actually conquered my Matlab nemesis, and all my graphs were what they should be. That made me Very Happy Indeed, and made me less worried about the next two assignments. Marginally.

My bracelets were gifts from Auntie Jo and my father (when are they not?)

They are lovely and bulky but don’t fall off over my (annoyingly small) hands. I seem to have misplaced my dinosaur watch, sadly. Has anybody seen it?


I’ve got a proper mane of hair today. It keeps me warm, but my gosh it’s tangly.

It has been a lovely blue-sky day today in Glasgow, and it’s because of a large area of high pressure over Northern Europe (thank you, shipping forecast.) Apparently, the lovely weather is set to continue in Scotland for the next week (thank you, PM weather forecast.) See? My blog is fashionable AND informative.

Caitlin took these in the muralled alleyway behind Hillhead Library. There’s a new charity shop on Byres Road (Red Cross, for those interested) and I heartily recommend a visit. It’s a properly priced shop, with none of this “£20 for someone’s sweat-stained jumper that looks vaguely fashionable” nonsense.

It’ll be all over on Thursday. Please please donate. I’d be ever so grateful.

Caitlin x

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