Day 24: a tribute to the Oscars

Hello readers,

Today I’m wearing: The Dress; faux fur scarf; red and white Office T-bar heels; pencil skirt from Zara.

The Oscars are tonight! I’m not much of a film connoisseur, but I thought I’d make an effort and dress up today. Therefore, I walked to the maths lab in fur and heels, with fancy hair, along with my standard duffel coat and ergonomic backpack. I am so cool. But there was no-one around, and I spent most of today sat down, so it wasn’t too bad.

However, despite not being a total film buff, I don’t think Silver Linings Playbook should win over Les Mis. In my considered and thoughtful opinion, it was a romcom dressed up as hard-hitting drama because the lead characters had mental health difficulties, and that’s still a little bit taboo in Hollywood. I enjoyed it, but predicted the ending and was left feeling a bit over-sugared. Give me the French Revolution any day. And Hugh Jackman. And Eddie Redmayne.

Today was another lab day, and I was appreciative of the warmth. It’s really hard to work at home when your fingers are so cold you can barely hold a pen, and you can see your breath in front of your face. Yesterday, Hollie and I succumbed to the lure of the vending machine and so spent a while slumped in a sugar coma, but today I was prepared with a Thermos of coffee and a bag of trail mix. However, I misjudged the coffee, and it was so strong it burnt my throat; pretty much undrinkable, but I did try. For a while, I was so high on my caffeine cloud that I was sure I had superpowers. Turns out I don’t.

But the assignment is (practically) done and I am home, waiting on Call the Midwife.

Despite being totally exhausted last night, I was still awake at 12.45am, and had the radio on. You know those pieces of music that feel like being wrapped in a blanket? That are so closely associated with comfort and safety that just listening to them feels like being hugged? Well, one of mine is Sailing By.

They play it every night before the shipping forecast.

Not quite the shipping forecast, but marvellously funny.

If you’re awake and restless at 12.45, switch Radio 4 on and just listen.

Today’s outfit was dressyish. I don’t really wear heels- can’t walk in the bloody things- but I would like to. I like the way they look, but for some unfathomable reason, I don’t like my feet hurting. The skirt was Zara sale, and the scarf was first year vintage, I think. It’s definitely faux fur; I don’t think I’d ever wear real fur.

I did fancy dancy vintage hair too:

Anyone care for a tutorial?



It is surprisingly hard to take a good picture of your feet from the side. You get the idea, though.
Thank you to the wonderful Hollie for taking the pictures for the last 3 days and being with me in my Matlab prison.
Only 4 days left! Please please PLEASE donate. Please. We’ve all been wearing these dresses, possibly going quietly mad and dreaming of jeans, but definitely wearing them, and all for Glasgow Women’s Aid.
Shout-out to my little darling Joey, who seems to have been drunk last night. Thanks for the (extra) donation, wee Joey!
Have a look at the others’ blogs and see what they’ve been up to. I think there’s been a lot of illness in the ODOM camp, because it’s February and pigging freezing, and we’re wearing dresses.
Caitlin x
PS I have Feedback on Radio 4 on and they’re talking about Sailing By. Oh, it makes me so happy.

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