Day 23: the matrix (lab)

Evening readers,

Today I’m wearing: The Dress; thermal Uniqlo leggings; KG boots; a ‘noo-noo’ I bought at a festival 2 years ago.

I’m brain-tired. I have spent 7 hours in the Maths Building, trying and trying to make Matlab do what I want. It didn’t happen. The actual room was frustrating too; stiflingly hot, but no openable window, and some girls who seemed intent on loudly discussing whether they were going to Xanthi or Tenerife this summer, and didn’t see the daggers being looked at them from our end of the room. To be honest, if there were any chance of me going somewhere hot without Matlab, I’d discuss it loudly too.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like maths, but, and this is crucial, only when it works. Today it didn’t work, and now I’m drifting in and out of blog writing, not really able to focus on anything for any decent amount of time.

The shawly blankety noo-noo is lovely and warm; indispensible in my chilly little flat. I bought it when I was working at a festival a couple of years ago- I was going to say the summer it rained, but it rains every summer- and it’s been keeping me warm ever since. I tried to find the company/lady that made it, but they/she don’t seem to exist any more, which is sad. If you spot Nicky’s Noo-Noos on your adventures, tell them I said hi. Their tag line was ‘Buy a Noo-Noo, Get a Free Hug!’; I was impressed at the quality of their hugs.



I look so lovely today, all bleary and pale and dazed. Very SS13.
Only 5 days to go. 5 measly little days. If you haven’t donated, please do. You’ll be making a difference to so many lives.
You’ll need to go to
And thank you thank you thank you to all the lovely wonderful people who have donated. You have my profound, heartfelt thanks.
My tomorrow brings more lab time, so be prepared for more of the same. It is Oscars day, though, so maybe I’ll do something special…
I’m off to get chips. I’m utterly zonked and my mum said I should get fishy chips and so I will. Mother know best, and all.
Deliriously yours,
Caitlin x

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