EXTRA DEXTRA POST: The time I had a decent dinner

Good evening, reader

Just before we begin, I think I should let you know that this is about food, not dress.

I’m really struggling with flattering photos this evening, folks. It seems that as I eat, I gurn.

So this is part 2 of today’s blog. As you may know or have realised, I like my food. I like my food a lot. My family knows this, and my brothers especially know this; there have been food wars in our shared past. For some reason, I don’t think it’s acceptable to take food off your sister’s plate, just because you’ve finished and there’s still food on hers, but apparently my brothers do.

But we have grown and matured and since Conor is now working for Farmison, he thought he would extend the olive branch of brotherly kindness and send me a food parcel. This food parcel:

Although at first I thought it looked like those cool bags of organs you see on Casualty, I was actually really impressed with the packaging; they somehow managed to keep the burgers and cheese cold all the way from Yorkshire to Glasgow. No mean feat, I can tell you.
I like to feed people, too, so I thought I’d feed some people with my unexpected food bounty, namely Lindy and Caitlin. However, me being me, I went a little bit overboard with the extras. I decided on a ‘pick your own’ type thing, so we had on the table:
  • Green leafy things: lettuce, spinach, fresh basil.
  • Salady extras: beetroot, tomatoes, red pepper, avocado, red onion, pineapple, gherkins.
  • Cheeses: brie, Applewood smoked cheddar, mozzarella.
  • Meats: smoked back bacon, prosciutto.
  • Condiments: balsamic vinegar, ketchup, mustard, Lea & Perrins, peanut butter, Lurpak.

as well as white and brown giant baps (Waitrose’s words, not mine.)

The idea was to come up with the ultimate burger, but we found that I’d gone that little bit too far with the choice of toppings, and we couldn’t agree.
There was no set method for each, just a kind of pile ’em up and scoff ’em down mentality.
Here’re our ultimates:
CKJ: Prosciutto and pineapple burger
Lindy: Applewood smoked cheddar and basil
Me: Avocado, red onion, mozzarella, basil and a splash of balsamic vinegar. (I never was a girl of simple tastes.)
My burger was so good, it gave me goosebumps. I’m not exaggerating in the slightest, honestly.
Special commendations go to:
  • Pineapple: I didn’t expect this to be such a big hit! It was an idea of Conor’s and I was dubious but willing to try. It was sweet and juicy and complimented the meat very well indeed.
  • Peanut butter: Right, so I had this on a burger in Berlin and loved it but NO-ONE BELIEVED ME when I got back to the UK. But I have been vindicated: Caitlin likes it too! It is one helluva topping; try it and see.
  • Applewood smoked cheddar: This was actually an impulse buy when I went to get bread earlier but there was none left after dinner. It’s usually a really strong flavour, but worked well with the burger without overwhelming it.

The real star of the meal was the meat, though: Conor, if you’re reading this, you got some serious Brownie Points this evening. It was really nice to eat decent meat, that wasn’t 58% horse/cat/iguana, and I actually know which farm it came from- how many people can say that about their dinner, eh?

He ordered it through farmison.com, and if you’re interested in recreating our experiments, have a look at their site.
There’re more photos and bits after the jump.
Caitlin x

Here are some pictures from this evening:



I’m not normally the type to get excited about packaging, but my gosh, the wrapping on the food was exciting. It was wool. I know, actual wool. The burgers (and cheese, but we didn’t eat that this evening) came with two ice packs and this Woolcool stuff. I’m actually going to keep it, just to look at and marvel at. That’s not sad at all!

BUT, and this is exciting, we made something out of the packaging. Yes, dear reader, we recycled. We managed to create a pretty amazing wine cooler out of the stuff the food came in!

Anyway, I need to sleep. Hope you enjoyed this extra post, readers.

Caitlin x

Disclaimer: although I have mentioned Farmison in this blog post, this was not sponsored by or at the request of this company. My brother paid for the food mentioned in this post himself, and he is getting nothing more out of this than Brownie Points and the satisfaction of feeding his studenty sister. I was not paid by them, either, and only received a darn good meal out of it. 

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