Day 19: you make me feel like spring has sprung

Good afternoon, guys and gals

Today I’m wearing: The Dress; vintage A-line stripy skirt from Barnardos; yellow and white stripy scarf from Oxfam; navy Zara jumper because I was cold; belt ‘n’ brogues as always.
Hasn’t it been a beautiful day? It really feels like spring but there’s still a decided nip in the air. The extra light is making people happy though; there were many smiles on show at the Botanics today.
Yes, that’s right I went back to the Botanics. My dear Kat came over for lunch (I like to feed people) and we went for a stroll, to soak up that unexpected UV. It was so warm inside and the light was just right, almost like artificial spring. It was a lovely afternoon; we walked and talked of many things, of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings.
I said in a previous post that I used to be a gardener, and I still miss being green-fingered and grubby-nailed. When the longing gets to be unbearable, I go to the Botanics and wander through the greenhouses. The rainforesty bit is especially wonderful; if you focus and wish very hard, it’s like being in a real rainforest.
Today my Penguin prize arrived!
I’m going to review it, when I finish my current book and get round to it.
I’m still in the post-winning state of thinking I can win everything. I’ve entered many many competitions this past week and I’m confident I’ll win them all.


I didn’t sleep very well last night- I had a nightmare about butter knives- so today when I smile, my eyes disappear.
I’m still smiling, though, and you know why? Because we have zoooooomed past our target! People say they give 110%, and usually it irritates me, but this time, they actually have! Shall we make it 150%? Because the sun shone today and because it’s Wednesday tomorrow and because the Today programme was back on air this morning? (I set my alarm for 6am just to check it was back.)
If any or all of these reasons tickle your fancy, go to and show us how much you care.
Caitlin x
PS would anyone like my recipe for banana bread? I think I’ve finally perfected it…

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