Day 18: Another Monday

Evening all,

Today I’m wearing: The Dress; my belt; silk jackety thing from Principles via Scope; Clarks brogues because Clarks shoes last forever; Gap skirt that my mum persuaded me to buy the week before I came to uni.
Apologies for the late posting; it’s been a very long day.
This very long day got off to an inauspicious start: there was no Today programme on Radio 4. I rely on this to get me up in the morning, as they helpfully count down the hour until my 9am lecture, whilst keeping me abreast of current affairs. If I hear the 9 o’clock pips, I know I’m late.
But this morning there was nothing! I switched on, and was greeted by ‘The Kitchen Cabinet’. At first I was confused- did this mean we were having another Sunday?- and then slightly nauseated; I really didn’t want to hear how delicious faggots and offal are before my breakfast. I then managed to fall back asleep, jolting awake to Paul Gambaccini’s half hour on Amadeus. I had no concept of the passage of time, and thus managed to roll into my mathematical biology lecture at ten past 9. This was not a productive way to wake up, and so I appeal to the BBC authorities: please just give the strikers what they want. My university career depends upon it.
I also found out that Richard Briers has died. I read an interview with him and Prunella Scales a few weeks ago, and it seemed he was suffering terribly with his emphysema. I’m glad he’s not suffering any more, but he’ll be sorely missed.
Today I’m wearing a thick black skirt that I bought years ago on the advice of my mother. She said it’d keep me warm and last me well; five years later, it’s still a wardrobe staple. The silk jackety bolero thing I found in the Scope charity shop, and bought for £2. I like charity shop shopping; it’s always a bit of a hunt and you get a sort of buzz when you find something.
Now I’m sitting at the kitchen table, with a mug of tea, listening to my beloved Radio 4. There’s a pasta bake in the oven and hot cross buns for afters. Isn’t that nice?


Caitlin and I went to the QMU laundry room to dry washing. It costs just 50p and your clothes don’t smell of damp. Bliss. We had some issues with the dryer door, which kept bursting open, spewing towels and pants across the room, but we got everything under control, you’ll be please to hear.
We also bumped into the lovely James Ansell, who is the most well-spoken person I know. He said he reads my blog, so I thought I should mention him.
I was wearing my Rushby necklace today:
I’ve always liked my surname, and I feel far more Rushby than I do Caitlin. Does that make sense?
We have £1063.64! That’s wonderful, and thank you so much to everyone who’s donated. With that money, Glasgow Women’s Aid can buy 106 emergency packs for women fleeing domestic abuse. At a time of such upheaval and change and uncertainty, the women often leave with just the clothes on their backs, and these resources make a heck of a difference.
I think we should help them buy more, and to do that we need more donations. Just a fiver will help, and a donation of £6.36 will help buy 107 emergency packs!
You’ll need to go to
Caitlin x

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