Day 17: sunny Sunday afternoon

Afternoon, readers

Today I’m wearing: The Dress; red cotton pleated skirt that I actually made myself; silky scarf from the Bombay Stores in Bradford; Clarks brogues; glasses.
It has been a lovely day here in Glasgow town. Still chilly, but blue skies and a hint of Spring in the air. I love this time of year, when the bulbs are pushing up through the ground and the trees are starting to stir. I was a gardener for a while, and this period of almost-blossoming is for me full of promise and new beginnings. I really wish I had some green space of my own, but I’ll make do with my window sill until I do.
As I mentioned above, I made this skirt myself! I know, get me. It’s a DIY Couture pattern; I made it well over a year ago now and it hasn’t fallen apart! DIYC is a brilliant idea; you make your own clothes, without patterns, to fit your shape and your style. It’s the brainchild of Rosie Martin, and she recently published a compendium of DIYC patterns: Amazon have it here. If you’re feeling a bit crafty, or can’t find what you want on the highstreet, try this.
Nan bought me the scarf when we went to the Bombay Stores in Bradford, which is a true treasure trove of fabrics, ribbons and the like. I hope to go back with her and my DIYC book at some point over the summer, when I’m back in Yorkshire, and she’s feeling steady. The best bit of making your own clothes is knowing you’re wearing something no-one else in the world has, and that you made it with your own hands.
These pictures were taken by Elly in the alleyway next to Naked Soup. There was an apple on the ground, and that’s what I’m throwing. I’m not just playing imaginary cricket.


I walked all the way to Morrison’s today, not feeling very well. I reckoned the fresh air would do me good, and it did but not as much good as I’d like. The only thing more dangerous than food shopping on an empty stomach is food shopping on an empty stomach, feeling sorry for yourself. As a result, I paid Elle in hot cross buns and Yorkshire Tea.
Yes, it’s February and definitely not Easter, but if Morrison’s are going to put hot cross buns in front of me when I’m feeling sad, I’m going to buy them. Simple.
We have made 105% of our target! That’s so good.
I was talking to my cousin, Ruth, the other day, and she’s a social worker. She said that she’s seen the work Women’s Aid do over and over during her career, and they are often vital to women and children in dire circumstances.
So thank you, kind kind readers, for your generosity. You’ve made a real difference.
Caitlin x

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