Day 15: Such a happy Friday

Good afternoon,
Today I’m wearing: The Dress; woolly black tights my Grandma gave me for Christmas; brogues; belt; Mum’s vintage Topshop dress that she wants back so she can sell it on eBay for lots of money.
Yesterday, I spoke too soon.
Thank you, mystery admirer. Yours will be in the post when I manage to buy stamps.
I have had a very very good day so far. Many happy things have happened.
  1. I’ve handed in my midterm.
  2. I won a Penguin books competition! And we all know the only thing better than free food is free books.
  3. My brother is sending me a food parcel. He works for a fancy food company, you see. He’s the (joint) best brother in the world.
  4. Something very exciting is afoot. I don’t want to say too much and jinx it, but it’s thanks to something I wrote on this blog…
  5. I went for lunch with Elly and Caitlin. Notice that my excellently good day features food twice.
  6. I’m going to the opera with Lindy and Michael tonight.

I won a copy of The Newlyweds from Penguin Books. I really really like winning things; I think the best thing I’ve ever won was tickets to the Shakespeare exhibition at the British Museum last year, with a signed copy of ‘Shakespeare’s Restless World’.

The downside is that after winning something, I tend to get a bit cocky and think I can win everything. Sadly, this isn’t generally true, so the cockiness fades until the next time I win something, and then we’re right back to the beginning. It’s a vicious cycle, but I bear it the best I can.
Anyway, I think you’ll agree that all in all, this has been an excellent day.
Today’s over-dress is vintage, dear reader, but unintentionally so. My mother bought it new and then didn’t get rid of it, so years later I saw it and appropriated it for the good of my wardrobe. She wants it back- vintage Topshop can fetch a pretty penny- but she’d have to wrestle it off me first. Observe the authentic Topshop label:
I think it suits me. And Mum, it just proves what fantastic, timeless taste you have!*
These pictures are post-essay hand-in outside 5 University Gardens; another university building I have spent a lot of my time in over the past 5 years. Thank you, Caitlin.
We have… £979! ONLY £21 MORE.
If 5 people put £5 each in, we’ll go over our target: be one of those 5 special people.
Have a lovely Friday afternoon/evening,
Caitlin x
*please let me keep the dress, Mum.

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