Day 14: In Defence of Singularity

Hello there, readers

Today I’m wearing: The Dress; a Kate Moss Topshop mini mini wrap dress that is red and has pansies on; my belt; grey tights; Clarks brogues.

Today is Thursday 14th of February. Up and down the country, people are giving and receiving red things, possibly heart shaped. However I am not. I, dear reader, am single.

I’ve been single for quite some time now (I’m talking years.) I tried very hard to be not single for a while, but that left me cynical and notorious among my friends for choosing incompatible men. Given today’s date, and the general perception of single people in the media (Jennifer Aniston, anyone?), I’m going to say something deeply unfashionable, but true: I’m okay.

I’m not saying the grass is greener over here, because everyone’s grass has brown patches, but I’m happy. I don’t have to factor in anyone else’s plans, or remember an extra birthday or an anniversary, and I can eat ice cream whenever the hell I want and I don’t have to share it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is brilliant. So I’m going to continue having extravagant crushes on unobtainable men, and having unrealistic requirements of possible boyfriends (at the moment, hypothetical partners must have a good working knowledge of lion-taming.)

This doesn’t mean I’m immune to romance, and I actually bought a Valentine’s Card to send to someone. I do like the idea of Valentine’s Day, so I made a semi-romantic effort today. The mini mini dress was a present from an ex-boyfriend (who had exceptionally good taste in women’s clothes), and it’s red and flowery. What more could you want?!


Caitlin took these near Ruthven Mews. I had to darken the last picture because my arms are so white they blended with the shed door behind. Pale and interesting, I tell myself.
We went into Oxfam Style on Byres Road and saw the beautiful Enni, who was looking elegant as always, and then for cake.
It’s a Portuguese Vanilla cake, in case you were wondering.
We have £919. Halfway through, and we are so close to the target. If everyone puts a fiver in, we’ll reach it in no time.
I have to go back to midterm writing now. It’s on lust in Shakespeare’s sonnets. Appropriate, innit?
Have a good Valentine’s Day. Tell someone you love them.
Caitlin x
PS I was dreading writing this post. Hope you liked it. Cx

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