Day 13: Snow was falling

Hello readers,


Today I’m wearing: The Dress; M&S leggings; woolly knee high socks; welly boots from Office; Mum’s jumper because she is more stylish than I will ever be and that’s why I wear her stuff (she didn’t tell me to write that, obviously.)
Snow is deceptive. At first, there is excitement: the promise of snowball fights and then restoring hot chocolate. Then there is the reality; damp clothes, numb fingers, soreness where you slipped up. Finally, there is the lingering slush which readily turns to ice, just in case it hadn’t tripped you up before. All in all, you’re left feeling a bit short-changed and chilly.
Don’t get me wrong, snow has its good points. It is natural airbrushing, most landscapes look better when blanketed in white, and when I opened my curtains this morning, I was excited. I love sledging and snowball fights, too, but I love them when I am in Yorkshire with easy access to excellent sledging spots. Living in central Glasgow means that the lovely whiteness has already disintegrated to grey mush; not so attractive.
Anyway, it is snowy today and I dressed accordingly. Mum’s jumper is heavy and warm; I commandeered it at the weekend. It’s hand-knitted pure wool and I think it’s probably older than I am. The M&S leggings are holding up splendidly, I’m pleased to report, with nary a wrinkly knee in sight.
I’m also wearing these bangles:
Yet another Auntie Jo gift, these are made from recycled electrical wire (I think.) You can also see my dinosaur watch; it’s a pterodactyl flying over two erupting volcanoes. A dramatic watch indeed, I think you’ll agree.


Today you get an action shot and a creepy close-up. Many many thanks to Hollie for taking these and ruining her shoes in the process. Oh and Happy Birthday for Monday.
We did make pancakes last night- any excuse, really- and Caitlin took a picture. It’s a truly truly awful photo of me, but I’m putting it up so you can laugh and then donate.
I know and you know that I don’t normally look like this, so it’s ok. I like how my chin is so defined, yet I seem to have at least three rolls of fat on my neck.
You know what to do.
WE HAVE £889! So so so close to our target. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far; you are wonderful people.
Just £5 will take us a bit closer to £1000. In the words of Mrs Doyle, go on go on go on go on go on go on go on.
Caitlin x

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