Day 12: there are no pancakes in this post

Afternoon, readers

Today I’m wearing: The Dress; navy jumper from Zara that rides up so I can’t really wear it with anything but dresses; leopard print scarf that my old flatmates gave me years ago; lovely M&S leggings that are actually really quite good; Mum’s old boots; glasses on my head so I look intelligent but approachable.

Today is awfully confusing. Yesterday’s drama and high jinx has left me disorientated and wondering what day of the week it is. This is isn’t particularly useful, as you can imagine, but I shall soldier on, never fear. I’m in the library writing a midterm. I say writing, I mean purposefully flicking through my Collected Works of Shakespeare before putting it down and sighing.

Gill and I had our weekly summit this morning. Despite our protestations of loathing for the Dresses, I think we both chose well. Exciting plans are afoot, folks, particularly on Gill’s part, and I suggest you keep an eye on her. At my end, East Coast trains read my blog, liked it and gave me a retweet! My view count spiked, and it made me happy.

I’m wearing new leggings today. Leggings are decidedly tricky things to buy: you can’t know how well they’ll last until you wear them a bit, but by the time you know they’re rubbish, it’s too late to do anything about it. After let-downs by H&M, Topshop, and Vero Moda, these are M&S Best Value, and bought on recommendation from Ruby.

While at Nan’s, I emptied my pocket money tin and thought I’d try these ones with my extra cash (yes, I still get pocket money and I will till I’m a real adult and don’t need it anymore.) I can report that I have warm legs and they’re not wrinkly at the knees. It doesn’t take much to keep me happy.


Caitlin took my picture on the way to the library and I felt fairly awkward. People were staring at me! In most of the pictures we took, I either look in pain or I’m pulling a daft face. Cait deserves a special mention for taking so many and putting up with me whinging.
In other news, I have upgraded. You should, all being well, be reading this on rather than blogspot! Isn’t that grand? This means I will be continuing with this blogging thing post-ODOM. Possibly not daily though. I’m not that dedicated.
We need only £186 more to reach our target! Please please please donate if you haven’t already done so, and again if you already have and are feeling flush. All the money is going to Glasgow Women’s Aid to help with their projects and support of women, children and young people in the Glasgow area. I can’t stress enough how vital your support is to them.
Go to and make a difference today.
Caitlin x

4 thoughts on “Day 12: there are no pancakes in this post

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  1. I GOT A MENTION! Cheers for that, Caitlin! 🙂

    My M&S leggings are still holding up and fitting nicely (instead of being all loose) after washing so far, they remain promising!


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