Day 9: I’m home

Evening all,

Today I’m wearing: The Dress; lovely handwash-only so I never wear it Gap jumper; burgandy tights from somewhere; boots that are warm and sturdy.

I have spent the past 24 hours in transit. Yesterday was the second most stressful train journey I have ever undertaken. From my taxi driver sucking his teeth and going “you’re probably going to miss this train, what with these roadworks/traffic lights/volume of traffic/zombies in the road”, to the train breaking down at Newcastle and the guard announcing, “Please transfer to the train on platform 3, which leaves in 3 minutes”, it was not the most relaxing of afternoons. In fact, it was unnecessarily stressful; I was 20 minutes early for my train at Glasgow, and discovered that I can actually sprint when heavily ladden with luggage. Oh, and I have razor sharp elbows, which are incredibly useful in a cross-station Tombraider-style situation.

But then I reached York and home, and there were fish and chips so all was well. Until I missed my bus this morning: time management is not something I’m brilliant at. This time my dear father stepped in and gave me a lift, even though he was nearly late for his ice skating lesson (he’s going cross-country ice skating in Sweden on Wednesday. He’s a professional explorer.)

Anyway, all is well and I am in Ripon, blogging from my 4-poster bed. The heating is on, Jude is making dinner and I am happy.

I did promise an ODOM extravaganza, but one brother went to Wakefield and the other brother had his girlfriend over, so my photo-taking plans fell through. Mum took these outside Ripon’s cathedral.

I actually quite love Ripon’s cathedral; I’ve sung in here, my grandparents renewed their wedding vows in here, and it’s haunted. It’s also a beautiful building. If you’re ever in Ripon, go and have a look; you can go in the crypt and everything.
So yes, there you have it. It’s hard to find the motivation to blog when I’m home, but it’s still happening! Tomorrow is the family lunch for Nan’s birthday, and I have my party dress with me. Obviously I will be wearing the Dress too, although I’m getting heartily sick of it.
Here’s a bonus picture of me and the pup:
He was trying to lick my face off and I was trying not to strangle or drop him. He’s called Wilf and he’s a Jack Russell Patterdale cross.
Actually, I’m not the only one who gets recognised. Wilf and I went to get milk and a paper this morning, and I left him tied up outside the shop while I went in. When I came back out and bent down to untie him, an old man walked past, paused, nodded and said “Morning, Wilf”, before carrying on down the street. Such a famous dog.
I can’t believe the amount we’ve raised! We’ve utterly smashed last year’s total, and I am proud of you all for donating, and of all the girls taking part (please have a look through the blog list on the side of the page.)
BUT we’re not at our target yet, and I urge you to go to Just a fiver, or however much you can spare, will make such difference. Please, please, please donate.
Caitlin x

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