Day 8: Books and Lateness

Good afternoon, readers.

Today I’m wearing: The Dress; grey tights; Kurt Geiger boots; jumper from Gap; Mum’s belt; navy blue wool cowl I bought at a craft fair; long-sleeved grey t-shirt that you can’t see.
I have a confession. I am not very keen on today’s outfit. I overslept this morning and threw on what I could find, then didn’t like it, but didn’t have time to change. I had an assessed lab this morning at 9 and I woke up at ten to. Still made it in before the lecturer, though!
Anyway, I was also fed up with wearing such a short skirt, so I put it on funny. I’m not sure how else to describe it; I just didn’t put the dress on properly. This has good points and bad points; I like definitely knowing  that no-one can see my pants, but my middle is rather bulky with the extra fabric.
This afternoon I’m getting on a train back to my homeland, and I imagine I’ll probably change before I leave. Maybe I’ll take a picture, maybe I won’t.
These were taken by Elly in Voltaire & Rousseau on Otago Lane. I have a weakness for books- I’ve never got rid of one in my lifetime- and so this is a wonderful place. A little disorganised, perhaps, but worth it. If you find something.
It’s Friday today, all day, and so you should donate. If you’re going out, you can skip one overpriced, mediocre drink and donate the cash to Glasgow Women’s Aid instead. If you’re not going out, well, you should still donate.
Go to and make my day.
Tomorrow’s post may be a little late, but I’m planning an extravaganza of ODOM, so please do check the blog.
Caitlin x
P.S. Apologies for the grumpy tone; assessed labs and looming train journeys make me tense. And I overslept.

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