Day 7: La Dame aux Camélias


Today I’m wearing: The Dress; thermal leggings from Uniqlo which are properly decently warm; a pink cardigan with pearls on it, scavenged from a clothes swap last year; thick socks with Kurt Geiger boots (invisible in this picture, but I am wearing them, promise.)
I am blogging from the library, but I spent much of this morning hurrying around the West End like a…busy thing? I wasn’t quite at a blue-arsed fly level, but I was definitely rushing. I’m going home tomorrow (huzzah!) but didn’t quite connect ‘I’m leaving Glasgow’ with ‘I need to get stuff done’. This is a perennial problem, and why I forget so many birthdays; I remember the date, but don’t really associate it with the real world.
Anyway, today’s outfit was about warmth and practicality. These thermal leggings are a godsend and a triumph of modern science. I don’t know how they keep my legs warm but my gosh, they work. I’m also wearing Kurt Geiger boots; another item-I-can’t-usually-afford for cheaps, thanks to They look like this:
I really really want Doc Martins, but they’re £100; these were £19 and I need to eat. They’re quite practical, so I attempted to pretty up the outfit with my cardigan and by doing something with my hair.
One of the benefits of long hair, apart from warmth, is being able to plait it and stuff. This was inspired by my beautiful friend Enni, fashion blogger and the most stylish girl in Glasgow. I strongly suggest you click here and have a look at her blog.
Today Elly took the pictures in the Kibble Palace in the Botanics. This is definitely a special location; I’ve spent a lot of time here over my 5 years in Glasgow. It’s a good place for course reading, people-watching, and it’s warm! They have a particularly fine King Protea plant that looks breathtaking when it’s in bloom. It isn’t actually blooming at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go anyway! The camellias are flowering though, hence the post title (thanks, Caitlin) and you can see them in the picture above.
Many photos today! Tomorrow I’m heading home (I may have mentioned it before) but I’ll find time to blog. It’s important.
We are doing so so well on the JustGiving front. I think we’ve nearly reached last year’s total and it’s only day 7! Glasgow Women’s Aid is such a worthwhile cause.
As ever, go to  and make it your good deed for the day.
You’re making such a difference.
Caitlin x
P.S. I am aware the real Dame aux Camélias was a ‘kept woman’ but she was also clever and beautiful and vibrant, so they’re the aspects I’m drawing on for the title.

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  1. Well, I just spoke the truth 🙂 and I love your blog so I had to mention it and some point!
    I introduced my flatmate to shoeaholics and now she's addicted too. I wish I had more money to spend there!


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