Day 6: All the world’s a cake

Good afternoon, readers

Today I am wearing: The Dress; skirt from Reiss via eBay; Mum’s belt; Zara cardigan from the Russian Market in Phom Penh, so I suppose it’s not really from Zara at all. Let’s say it’s a cardigan with a Zara label on it; sensible comfy brogues; accessorised with a terrible university coffee and a bracelet from my Auntie Jo.
I am very, very happy today. I’ve just got home from a visit to the library. Not the most cheering of experiences, you might think, and usually I’d have to agree with you; the tension rolls off that building in waves. But today I went to the Special Collections, and it was magnificent.
It was a book-lover’s paradise. They had Shakespeare’s 1st, 2nd and 4th Folio on display (3rd was mostly lost in the Great Fire of London), and various other beautiful old texts. I got a bit giddy upon seeing Ben Jonson’s own copy of De Octo Orationis, with ‘Ben Jonson woz ere’ in the front (I paraphrased a little.)
Anyway, I came away feeling awed and start-struck and with an urge to become a book-binder. I wanted to share this with you.
The visit was not just feeding my book fetish, but part of my Shakespeare course. I therefore knew that I would see people who’ve seen me Friday, Monday and Wednesday wearing the same dress, and my imagination was quick to supply their impression of me. This was vexing, so when getting dressed, my main motivation was to hide the dress as much as possible.
The skirt is lovely, and I like owning something I could usually not afford (thank you, eBay.) The pattern is pretty too, sort of feathered, and fairly flattering.
Caitlin was my photographical knight in shining armour today; we took photos after my library visit and her French writing tutorial. We were so buoyed by our respective successes of the previous hour that we had to go get cake, to calm down you understand. This is obviously the main function of cake, as a tranquillizer.
Today’s bracelet is another South African beauty from my aunt. I’ve had this for years and years and love it because it’s heavy and colourful.
My aunt is actually a very successful rare books dealer and a book binder so it’s quite appropriate that I wore her bracelet today; I think she would approve. My dinosaur watch is also in the picture: I honestly just started wearing it again because my more sensible watch broke, but it seems that it’s quite cool? I dunno, I just like pterodactyls.
I’ve just checked the JustGiving page and WE HAVE NEARLY £500 ON DAY 6. Oh my giddy aunt, that’s absobloodylutely FANTASTIC. I was going to say astonishing, but I know you’re all generous, big-hearted, gorgeous people so really it’s not astonishing at all.
Thank you so much.
We’re 48% of the way to our target!
You’re making such a difference to the lives of women in Glasgow, and I hope you’re very very proud of yourselves.
To those who haven’t got round to donating yet, the link you need is, and to see where your money will go, head over to Glasgow Women’s Aid.
Caitlin x
P.S. it has just occurred to me that I was bothered about my English Lit peers thinking I never changed, but I’m not worried about my Maths pals, who have seen me Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the Dress. Does this mean I fear judgement from the Lit students, or just that I really don’t care what Maths people think about me? I’m going to ponder this.

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