Day 5: this one’s for my mum

Good afternoon, readers


Today I am wearing: The Dress; my glasses; a pussy bow shirt that I found in the PDSA charity shop; woolly navy blue tights; brogues.
I really like today’s outfit. Actually, maybe not the navy tights, but you can’t win ’em all. But I really really like the shirt, and that makes up for the tights.
I like, possibly love, the shirt for two reasons. Firstly, it looks like this one but cost me less than a tenner, and everybody loves a bargain, eh? And secondly, when I bought it I thought “Oooo I could wear that to a job interview.” Yes, that’s right, I’m starting to think (and dress like) my mother. She gave me a lovely blouse for Christmas, and as I opened it, she smiled and gave me a knowing look.
“You know why I bought you this, don’t you darling?” she said conspiratorially.
I thought for a minute. Perhaps she’d been reading the Sunday Times Style section again, or maybe she was having a mid-life fashion crisis and wanted it for herself.
But no.
“You can wear it for job interviews.”
My mother, purveyor of practical fashion. To be fair, she has a point. So much is judged on how we look and present ourselves nowadays that it is in my best interests to look presentable. If it makes my mum happy at the same time, so be it.
So today is dedicated to my lovely, slightly odd, mother. Hope you like it, Jude.


It was really terribly chilly today. On and off snow, too. I still can’t feel my toes.
I also met Gill (see Gill’s Dress) for our weekly coffee and world-ordering session.
Check us out, with our matching spectacles.
During our setting-the-world-to-rights time, we talked about ODOM; we could hardly not! Here’s where I’m going to let you, dear reader, into a secret: we actually quite like doing it.
It’s freezing, and hand-washing is a pain, but I am most certainly more creative during ODOM than at any other time. It’s as if it is a fashion shield; I can wear whatever I like and be as crazy as I like, as long as I wear this dress, and I can get away with it!
But the best thing by far is making a difference. And not just us: you too, readers! By me wearing the Dress and taking pictures and writing this blog, and by you reading it and donating, we are making a difference to the lives of women in Glasgow. I for one think that’s brilliant.
So if you fancy joining the donators on their shiny pedestal, the place to go is You don’t have to give much, but every little bit you do give makes someone’s life better.
Caitlin x

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