Day 4: I don’t like Mondays

Actually, they’re not too bad. I’m just being melodramatic.


Today I’m wearing: The Dress; a pink waterfall cardigan; toasty fleecy thermal tights; Mum’s belt; dangly twirly earrings, a present from my auntie Jo in South Africa.
I have something I forgot to tell you.
Yesterday, in Morrison’s, in the yoghurt aisle, I got recognised.  Somebody said, “Hey, you’re the girl in the Dress!” And I said, “Oooo yes, that’s me, in the Dress. Actually wearing it now. But I’m wearing a coat. So you can’t really see the Dress.”
I was not poised or elegant.
But I wasn’t expecting it! There I was, considering the merits of rhubarb over strawberry, when suddenly FAME! Well, not quite, but still. You get my drift.
Anyway, I’m taking two things from the encounter:
  1. Fame is intoxicating. Now I know how [insert famous person here] feels. But don’t worry; it won’t go to my head. Much.
  2. People are reading and telling other people about the blog! Huzzah! Isn’t that fabby?

I just wanted to say thank you for reading and sharing and spreading the ODOM message. If you could keep doing it, and look at the other blogs on the list, that would be brilliant. Oh and needs some love too.

Today I’m wearing dangly earrings!


I have a very cool aunt in South Africa who sends me jewellery, and she sent me these a few years ago. I think they’re made of wood, but I’m not entirely sure.
Hollie took these pictures after our 9a.m. Mathematical Biology lecture. I look shattered. I’d like to say that I was up living up to the student hard-partying stereotype, but in truth Caitlin and I stayed up till 1a.m. to watch the latest Call The Midwife. I suffered for it in my morning lectures, but it was definitely worth it.
That’s also why I look a bit straggly. Getting up was tough, so I just threw on anything. Hardly an exciting outfit, but I’m allowed off-days.
These were taken on the Maths Building stairs. Practically all of my lectures are here, even the English Lit ones. It may have no windows, and resemble a prison or a nuclear bunker, but I spend most of my time in this building and have developed a strange fondness for its concrete charm. It’s probably Stockholm Syndrome.
We have raised £333.50 and we’re 33% to our target! That is wonderful, but we need a bit more. Thank you so so much to those who’ve already donated; you’re stars.
Right now, I’m sitting at my desk watching the rain/hail/snow being blown around. And I spent today in a dress. That has to be worth a donation.
Like I said yesterday, just £5 would make a difference. That’s it, just £5. That’s not even a magazine and a coffee.
Make it your good deed for the day.
Caitlin x
P.S. I went for the rhubarb yoghurt, in case you were wondering.


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