Day 3: National Yorkshire Pudding Day

Hello, readers.


Today I am wearing: The Dress; a vintage wool and silk skirt inherited from my step-gran; a white rose in my hair; brogues which you can’t see in this picture; my pterodactyl watch, which I’ve had since I was 5.
Today is National Yorkshire Pudding Day! I am Yorkshire born and raised (ish), and I am very proud to be so. The white rose in my hair is meant to be a nod to this, and the skirt looks kinda tweedy, which makes me think of Yorkshire people.
The skirt is actually an inheritance piece from my step-gran, Sue. She died nearly 3 years ago, and she was a very stylish, elegant lady. She was also one of the biggest-hearted people I have ever met, so I’d like to think she’d support and approve of what we’re doing. Opposite is the label that was on the skirt, and I can safely say that it is not a size 12; I could only just get it over my bum! But it is very very warm and beautiful, and I felt like I was doing Sue proud by wearing it.
So today my flatmate Caitlin and I went into town! (Yes, we have the same name and no, it isn’t confusing.)  I know, I know, we lead such exciting lives. Anyway, I needed to buy birthday presents and Caitlin needed to buy out the contents of Boots. My New Year’s resolutions this year were to a) learn how to do cryptic crosswords and b) to remember all important birthdays at the right time. The former isn’t exactly progressing with speed, but I haven’t forgotten a birthday yet! I think. And on that note, Happy Birthday Danny!
To get into town, we took the Subway, and thus it is today’s location. A little odd to count a form of public transport as special, you might think, but it’s so well-loved and important to Glasgow that I could hardly leave it out. And I did a bit of work for the Subway people in the summer, so it’s sort of a former employer, too.


The response to this blog has been phenomenal; I got a bit overwhelmed by the page views last night! Please, please share and pass it on, and have a look at the other blogs- I’ve put a list on the side of the page.
Also, I’ve just checked the JustGiving page and we have over £300! Isn’t that fantastic? What would be even more fantastic is if you, dear reader, could add to the total.
Glasgow Women’s Aid are one of the most important charities out there. I can’t emphasise enough just how essential they are. Without them, so many women wouldn’t have the courage or the means to escape dangerous and destructive situations. Just £5 would go toward materials for a children’s activity group, allowing them to gain confidence and get involved with others.
Go to and help someone today.
Caitlin x

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