Day 2: How I Take My Tea

Good afternoon, readers.

Today I am wearing: The Dress; a white cotton shirt that I bought in Graz when I was 17, I think; THERMAL TIGHTS; and back for another month, my mum’s belt!
Today has been lovely. I met Lindy and we walked up to the Yarn Cake on Queen Margaret Drive.
I am a knitter, and have been for about 15 years now, and I can knit anything. But Glasgow is a poor place to be a knitter: there are few decent wool shops, and I most definitely do not count the craft bit of John Lewis as one of them (it’s overpriced and the staff have no clue what they’re selling.) So imagine my delight when I found a knitting café!
The Yarn Cake is just up the road from my flat, and it’s truly brilliant. They sell decent affordable wool AND cake and tea! The lady serving us, Cia, was very helpful and friendly- I saw her giving an impromptu knitting tutorial as we left- and the teapot was huge. Always a sign of a good establishment in my book.
If you’re interested in knitting, beginner or whatever, pop in. Opening hours are here and they’re on Twitter: @theyarncake.
Obviously, this is me, in the Yarn Cake, with a cup of tea. I take it milk, no sugar, in case you’re interested.
Linda took this picture, and all of today’s pictures actually. Including these ones:


As she pointed out, I have an awful lot of hair, and it is quite long and red. I seem to spend a lot of my time making sure things don’t clash with it.
Anyway, as some of you may know, I am in my final final final year of university (I graduate 27th June at 11a.m.) and so I’m going to use my ODOM pictures to showcase some of the places in Glasgow (and elsewhere) that have meant something to me. Today was the bridge just below the Botanics.
Seeing as it’s my final year and I won’t be doing this with GUSRC again, it would make me very happy if you could donate.
Just click and pop a bit in the kitty. It’ll take two ticks, I promise.
There are some beautiful, generous people out there who’ve already taken our total to £267.50. Thank you so so much if you’ve already donated. It means an awful lot to so many people.
Caitlin x
P.S. comments make me happy, too!

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  1. Caitlin, as I want you to be happy I will post a comment – you look lovely in that dress! And the sun is shining in Glasgow too, that makes me happy. Two happy people now.


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