Day 1: To Begin at the Beginning

Hello, and welcome to One Dress One Month.

If you’re sitting comfortably, I’ll begin.

Today I am wearing: The Dress; very long socks from Topshop because Glasgow is FREEZING in February; brogues from Clarks, which are sensible and my mother approves of; a lovely beaded necklace from H&M which I wore on the first day last year (; my glasses, which are purple and let me see things clearly.

This blog entry is going to be a bit whiny, for which I apologise. I’m allowing myself one moany day and then that’s it.

I. Am. Cold.

And not used to wearing a short skirt. I have spent most of today with my hands hovering around my hemline, in case of a surprise attack by the Glasgow wind. May well have already flashed my pants to Byres Road, but let’s not dwell on that.

It is day 1 and I’m regretting wearing blue. I suppose it means I’ll have to work harder on my outfits, but my gosh, blue is an annoying colour.

I thought I’d wear the same necklace as I wore on the first day last year, partly for continuity and partly because I like it. Here is a close up:

My expression is odd, I grant you, but we’d just noticed that a man in a flat opposite us was rather…admiring my short and flighty skirt. He was happily taking some pictures of his own, and this made me feel a bit exposed. Not the greatest start to ODOM.
So this year I was going to do away with my action photos, but then thought I’d see what public opinion was.  Here’s a semi-action shot. I was hopping around a bit, because it was bloody cold, hence the blur. But I like it; brings you closer to the action.
So action photos: yay or nay?
Photos today were by Caitlin (not me, the other one) and Phil gets an honourable mention for listening to me whine for 2 maths lectures.
There are many of us doing ODOM this year, and I’m going to get a list together so you can have a peek at what the others are up to. We’re all doing something different!
BUT we’re all raising money for the same cause:  Glasgow Women’s Aid.
They do so much good in Glasgow, and you could help them by just skipping a coffee or a pint and donating the money here: 
Caitlin x

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