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So here we are again!

New dress, new month, some new girls and some more experienced ODOMers. This time it’s February, which means 2 things: fewer days to dress for, but it’s going to be bone-tinglingly chilly. Win some, lose some I suppose.

The cause is the same, but no less worthy. Glasgow Women’s Aid do a wonderful job and you can read all about them here: Glasgow Women’s Aid.

We have a new JustGiving page, though:


I have a new dress and this year it’s NAVY.

“But Caitlin! It is blue, which is a colour and will therefore be tricky to ‘team’* with different things and could well clash with items that you wear with it”, I hear you cry.

Yes, my friends, I have distanced myself from last year’s sombre black and gone for navy blue. Obviously my choice wasn’t influenced by which colour would look nicest with my hair, because that would be silly. And I am certainly not afraid of a bit of clashing: I have plans. Amongst other things, these involve Vikings  roses and Yorkshire Puddings.

Here is The Dress:

It’s from ASOS again, but this time the Petite section, as you can see below.
I’m not technically Petite- I am 5’5″ and Petite is 5’3″ and below- but I swear I have the body of a small person. I’m not sure where those extra 2 inches are, perhaps around the neck area, but the dress fits and it is the dress I shall wear.
Credit for finding it goes to my lovely flatmate, Caitlin. I was almost tearing my hair out when she sent me this one.
So there you have it. I’m on a proper blog this year, but my old tumblr is still there with all the outfits from last year:
AND my special friend and fellow ODOMer Gill has a blog: Have a gander and appreciate her efforts. She’s in burgundy which is even trickier than navy.
I’ll say good night for now, but I’ll be back on Friday, wearing the dress, and possibly with blue legs.
Caitlin x
PS I would love it if people would comment on the days, telling me what they like and what they don’t like.
*I don’t particularly like the word ‘team’ in this context, but I have been doing fashionable research on blogs and such like and they all say ‘team’, so I shall say ‘team’. I’m nothing if not professional and dedicated.

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